A few images of my friend Greta.


Cherry Basket Farm

A few weeks ago I had the chance to photograph Julie and Bill’s wedding. The rehearsal dinner was at her parents’ house on Lake Michigan. It was a fantastic event with toasts overlooking the lake […]


Cobblestone Farms

My favorite weddings are with members of the armed forces, and as luck would have it, I get a lot of them. There is nothing that says serious like a groom in dress uniform. Courtney […]


Sisters, part 2

A few years ago I wrote about sisters. My lead sentence was, “There is nothing more fun for a photographer than working with sisters. Christy, Emily and Heidi . . . .” and I went […]


Jackie and Tyler

Welcome to my reconfigured 2015 website. Looks the same you say? Tell that to Google who had new requirements for “responsiveness.” But, I made one significant change. From the beginning, I’ve had an Image of […]


Meaningful Work

I have been writing a monthly column for Northern Express and I am going to start posting some here. Last month I was asked to join about fifty other professionals at Traverse City Central High […]


A Lunch Break at Glen Haven

A few weeks ago I had a crazy day. I started at the break of dawn with back-to-back Senior pictures in Traverse City. At 1:00 I had a class in Glen Arbor and then I […]


Brittany and Erick

It’s finally Spring here and time to get out and make photographs. I spent some time in the last few weeks wandering orchards and hillsides making landscape images, but that’s not really my passion. I […]


Bad News for Network Television

I have bad news for network television. I’ve suspected for a while now that network television is over. In the last few weeks, for me, it’s been confirmed. There are two things that have convinced […]


Photography 101 — Aperture

In photography the word aperture refers to the opening of the lens iris. It seems like a simple concept, and on older interchangeable lens cameras it’s pretty easy to see the lens iris (or diaphragm) […]