Raves from our Brides and Grooms

BrynFravala-Hurst WeddingThank you for capturing our wedding day so beautifully. Our pictures are amazing! We have had many people tell us that they wished their pictures were of the same caliber. Genuine, creative, adventurous and very unique. —April and Chris

Thank you so much for helping make our wedding unforgettable! You truly have a wonderful talent. We will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Everybody has enjoyed the pictures you took, and believe the the night couldn’t have been captured any better. They were perfect! —Erin and Jim

We just wanted to thank you for the absolutely incredible pictures you took at our wedding! We couldn’t be happier with the composition and the wonderful candid shots. We now have a great collection of photos of our family, which doesn’t happen too often! It was also a true pleasure working with you. —Ryonn and Todd

THANK YOU! The photo album is beautiful! We are so pleased with your work and were lucky to find you. We appreciate your kindness and professionalism. —Alison and Dan

We could not have been more lucky to have you photograph our wedding. Your images and the moments you captured, of the day before, and of the actual wedding day are just fantastic! AND We and my whole family just loved you! I wish we could do it over and over again. Thank you for your patience and expertise. We couldn’t be more pleased. —Sara and Kurt

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078_morell390We just received our pictures and we absolutely love them! You captured every moment perfectly. We had such a fun time working with you and appreciate all the time you spent with us— from the mall to the bonfire. The pictures tell the story of the whole day and we can’t wait to share them with everyone. We are so happy we chose you for this very important role in our special day. —Christie and Chris

We would like to thank you for the fabulous work you did at our wedding on Torch Lake. You captured so many wonderful photographs of us, our families and guests. We could not have asked for a better outcome. I appreciate the way see the world and people through a camera lens. You successfully captured so many people in their true state, not posed! All the photographs will be treasured for a lifetime. I want to stress how easy it was to work with you. I appreciate your professionalism throughout the planning, the wedding day and delivery of the pictures. You made it all very stress free. —Lisa and Tom

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The pictures you took of our wedding are beautiful–we’ll cherish them forever. As memorable as the photos are; so too was your personality. We sincerely enjoyed your company throughout the day. We want you to know how special it was that you were a part of everything. You made our day. —Jennise and Paul.

We received our wedding album earlier this week and absolutely love it. Our friends and family that have seen it have been thoroughly impressed. Thanks again! —Kelly and Mark

chapman_496I would HIGHLY recommend Tom, hands down. My husband and I had a wonderful experience with him. He went out of his way to take unique and interesting shots that you do not see in other people’s wedding albums. He spent the whole day with us and worked very well with our wedding party and family. In fact, our wedding party commented about how great he was to work with.He is a professional who knows how to do his job, leaving you no worry on your wedding day! (At least about the photos.) When we shared some of our pictures with family and friends, they were all impressed and commented on how creative and different they were. My friends still comment about his work to this day. —Sarah

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I received my album this afternoon. It’s absolutely awesome – I love it. Andy’s away for work this week, but I can’t wait to show it to him too. Thanks so much for all your creativity and hard work! You are just great at what you do. —Kacey


MarieWe would highly recommend Tom to you and your fiance. We have nothing but good things to say about him. We live in the Detroit area so we were a bit nervous about finding a good photographer in Traverse City without being there and knowing his work or others who have used him. He was very easy to get along with and is not at all like many of the “annoying” photographers I’m sure you have run into the past. We had the feeling that he was always there to get the best shots but never in the way and he never interfered with our fun or activities. The best part is during the reception he gets great candid shots that you don’t even know about. If you want great shots, all day coverage, and easy to work with, Tom is the best. —Kim and Andy

I wanted to let you know that the pictures are absolutely incredible. You are an amazing artist. Thank you for creating the most incredible images of my most memorable day ever. —Aimee and Roger

I’d be happy to give you our experiences with Tom. He is a true professional who is very comfortable with what he does. He was unobtrusive, yet got every shot. He knew how to use the light and environment and framed all of the pictures beautifully. He was really clever about the surrounding elements and incorporating them into the pictures. We were also very pleased with his demeanor, as were our guests. He made the day very comfortable and was not overbearing whatsoever. I understand your concerns about Tom’s price. We had the same reservations; it is a lot of money to spend on a single item. But, once you get your pictures, you’ll know it was worth every penny. —Ashley and Adam

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I am more than happy to give an excellent recommendation for Tom. I know that his price seems to be more than other photographers but I can assure you it is more than worth it. He took SO many pictures that I love, I couldn’t imagine having to pick only a handful. The pictures are amazing, I wish I was nearby and could share them with you! They are the best thing about the wedding (besides my wonderful husband!). My family (and really all the guests) were so impressed with his professionalism, talent, and kindness. He did a great job capturing the moment and our family and guest’s personalities rather than having stuffy overly posed shots. I felt that he was always “there” and many guests remarked that he never missed anything. He had so much energy but yet was never imposing. I have a complicated family (divorced, steps, etc.) and he was very sensitive to including everyone, making sure everyone felt they got their moments captured. He immediately learned everyone’s names and who went with who! — Sarah and Will

I cannot rave on enough about how highly I think of Tom. He was far and away our favorite vendor for our wedding. It poured down rain on our wedding day – – the worst weather you could have – – yet Tom’s artistry makes our day look beautiful in the photos. From formal photos to capturing the looks on our flower-girls’ faces, he did a spectacular job. Tom’s personality is just the right balance between taking control to get the photos he wants and being nice about it; it was a joy to spend that many hours with him. — Jennifer and Jonathan

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