Like your diamond, wedding photography has many facets. Simple descriptions can’t communicate its importance. Going back as far as the 19th century, when photography was new, one of its first applications was the singular wedding portrait. It was a historic document recorded for future generations to see their ancestors on that day when it all began. That is the first facet. Wedding photographs are for your children, and for their children. It is important to have wedding photographs that capture not just faces, but the times.

As photography evolved it became possible to capture action, not just what people looked like, but what they did. It started with a few posed photos of a couple dancing, and that’s still important today. Regardless how often I see it I am always moved by a father dancing with the bride at her wedding. But now we can capture everything, the subtlest of glances, fleeting smiles and tears, young girls gazing in awe at the bride. We need to see it all and document it all.

Now, for me and my colleagues, wedding photography is unique to each couple. Some weddings are Joyous, with smiles and laughing. Others are deeply moving, often with tears. Our role now is to capture that emotion.

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In a way wedding photography is like a sporting event; it’s important that photographers play the full game, and even stay when it goes into extra innings. The action is fast, and it’s critical photographers stay with it. Unlike sports, there won’t be another game tomorrow. Unlike photo journalism there will not be another election or celebrity scandal. Wedding photography is the ultimate once in a lifetime event.

Experience and preparation are critical. No one expects a waiter to knock a camera to the ground, but when it happens and the lens is in pieces, the photographer needs to pick up a second or third camera and keep moving. The next day you could theoretically put everyone back in the same clothes, but you can never recreate the emotion once it’s gone. Wedding photography is not a hobby.

Finally, wedding photography is Art, with a capital A. Unlike other arts, the subjects of the photographs partially create them. The bride and groom make choices on every aspect of the wedding, the obvious like wedding dresses and flowers, but every detail right down to who will be involved. The photographer has to capture those creative decisions and that style to make art from them. It’s not enough to create an artistic photograph that could be any wedding, any bride. Each wedding photograph needs to be personal. The Art in wedding photography is in showing that one day, that place, those two people.

We are serious about your wedding. We bring our experience, our talent and our full energy to every wedding. If we are not exhausted at the end of the day we haven’t worked hard enough. We bring all the equipment we need and we bring extra; every photographer could, but they don’t. We never work by the clock. We live all week to capture your wedding on your day and when it ends we want to stay longer because we enjoy our work so fully. We capture every facet that will make your wedding photographs sparkle.

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