Sisters by Photographer Thomas Kachadurian

Emily, Sarah and Katie

Emily by Photographer Thomas KachadurianThere is nothing more fun for a photographer than working with sisters. Christy, Emily and Heidi; Sarah and Laura; Amy and Kristen; and Katie, Sarah, and Emily are all sisters who I have photographed.The photo right from is from Sarah’s 2006 wedding.

When I photographed Emily (left) and Preston’s wedding a few weeks ago it was, for me, the end of an era. I shot Emily’s older sister Katie’s wedding in 2003. I’ll always remember Katie and Jeff for many reasons. It was one of the first weddings I shot with digital cameras and Katie, being a skilled web designer, was excited about the idea. I’ll also remember the foggy morning in Frankfort (below).
Katie and Jeff by Photographer Thomas KachadurianJoe, Emily, Katie, Jeff, and Sarah by Photographer Thomas KachadurianMore importantly, I’ll remember the whole family, and how they allowed me into their inner circle like I was one of them.

In 2006, Middle sister Sarah was married to Joe in Grand Rapids (right). They invited me down to be photographer for that wedding as well. To make it memorable, they happened to get married on my wedding anniversary. Once again, and perhaps more so this time, I felt I was a part of the family. The sisters were together again, only this time Katie had a daughter, and there was more family to enjoy.

Emily, the youngest, was the last of the three to tie the knot. Katie, Jeff and their three children as well as Sarah and Joe and their daughter were all in attendance. Katie’s daughter, Caroline was the flower girl.

Preston's Sister by Photographer Thomas KachadurianIt’s always a treat for me to see my former brides and grooms as their families grow. But Emily was the last of Page and Brent’s children to get married, so I probably won’t see her and Preston start a family. Unless Preston’s sister (left) invites me to Idaho to photograph her wedding when the time comes.


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