Too Busy to Write

Eva by Photographer Thomas KachadurianRachel and Brandon Eva by Photographer Thomas KachadurianIt’s been a very busy month, a good thing. I’ve been shooting so much I have not only been short on time to write, I haven’t been thinking in words. My world has been pictures, so I thought I’d share some. I’ve had many weddings, but I wanted to post something other than brides and grooms. These first two are wedding related. This is Rachel and Brandon (left) in an engagement session at the State Hospital. Eva was the flower girl. She spent the whole day hiding from me. This was her behind and running between the trees on the lawn at Bowers Harbor Inn. Eva, and Angela (the Bride) were the only ones in their extended family to share hair color. I’m a sucker for a redhead.

I’ve been shooting weddings long enough now that I’m spending a fair amount of time photographing my former wedding couple’s children. Here’s a few from this week.

Jack and Drew by Thomas Kachadurian

Jack (left) and right his twin brother Drew. Drew looks just like his dad.


Last night I had a great evening shoot with a couple whose wedding I shot ten years ago (back in the film days). Their children are Sophia and Grant. I’m pretty sure this is going to be my Image of the week next Monday.

Sophia and Grant by Photographer Thomas Kachadurian

Grant by Photographer Thomas Kachadurian

Grant and the ’57 Chevy

Sophia and her Mom by Photographer Thomas Kachadurian

Sophia with Libby, the mom.

Sophia was a little reluctant at first, but VERY quickly warmed up. Libby tells me Sophia loves the camera, and my experience is that the camera likes her just fine too. When I packed up to go, as is my practice, I left out one camera with a lens on it just in case. The following photo of Sophia was the last exposure I made as I was leaving, just before she ran into the house.

Sophia by Photographer Thomas Kachadurian

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