Sisters, part 2

Sisters by Photographer Thomas Kachadurian

Heidi, at Emily’s wedding

A few years ago I wrote about sisters. My lead sentence was, “There is nothing more fun for a photographer than working with sisters. Christy, Emily and Heidi . . . .” and I went on to list a number of other sisters I’ve photographed. Christy, Emily and Heidi didn’t get a single photo in that post. Once you know who they are you’ll recognize all three of them from various pages on this website. Last week I photographed Heidi and Will who will be getting married next June.

Heidi is the youngest of these sisters, and one I have known the longest and photographed the most. I met Heidi when she was 14 years-old and came along for the ride when her sister Christy came to talked to me about her wedding. She was still very much a child a year later at Christy’s wedding.

Two years later when Heidi was a junior in high school I did her senior photographs.

Sisters by Photographer Thomas Kachadurian

from left: Christi and Chris, my introduction to the family. Heidi at 17, from her senior photographs. Emily, at her wedding.

In 2007 Heidi was there when I photographed her sister Emily’s wedding. Other than watching Christy’s kids grow up on Facebook I haven’t talked to the family much over the last five years.

I was elated last month when Heidi emailed to make sure I have her 2016 date available. She’s all grown up now, and almost Dr. Heidi, who will finish her last year at Georgetown Medical School next spring. Tune in then for Heidi and Will’s wedding photos.

Sisters by Photographer Thomas Kachadurian

Heidi and her fiancé, Will in front of her childhood playhouse.

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