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Cherry Basket Farm

A few weeks ago I had the chance to photograph Julie and Bill’s wedding. The rehearsal dinner was at her parents’ house on Lake Michigan. It was a fantastic event with toasts overlooking the lake […]


Cobblestone Farms

My favorite weddings are with members of the armed forces, and as luck would have it, I get a lot of them. There is nothing that says serious like a groom in dress uniform. Courtney […]


Sisters, part 2

A few years ago I wrote about sisters. My lead sentence was, “There is nothing more fun for a photographer than working with sisters. Christy, Emily and Heidi . . . .” and I went […]


Jackie and Tyler

Welcome to my reconfigured 2015 website. Looks the same you say? Tell that to Google who had new requirements for “responsiveness.” But, I made one significant change. From the beginning, I’ve had an Image of […]


A Lunch Break at Glen Haven

A few weeks ago I had a crazy day. I started at the break of dawn with back-to-back Senior pictures in Traverse City. At 1:00 I had a class in Glen Arbor and then I […]


Photography 101 — Aperture

In photography the word aperture refers to the opening of the lens iris. It seems like a simple concept, and on older interchangeable lens cameras it’s pretty easy to see the lens iris (or diaphragm) […]


Photography 101 – ISO

Let’s review. Last week I pointed out that for any given photograph there is a range of possible combinations that will all give you the correct exposure. The light falling on scene is fixed so […]


There’s a Hole in the Bucket: Photography 101

It has never been easier to get a good-looking photograph from a camera than it is now. As a result more people than ever are enjoying photography. It’s easy to get clear results with no […]


Degas, Buchanan and Photography

It’s easy think of photography as social interaction. Something mercurial. In fact, photography at it’s best becomes historical. This is not to say that photography is just documentation, forensic police work. Rather that the artistic […]


Maggie and Moses

It’s been a busy two months and I haven’t had time to write. I still don’t, but I have to post some photos from my shoot yesterday with Maggie and Moses. I have had the […]