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Three Days at the Shore

I spent a month at Ocean City in just four days as a guest of my friends the Amalfitanos. They wanted to be sure we packed all the shore fun possible into our limited time. […]


Cherry Festival

Every year our little town of 16,000 people swells to about 500,000 for the eight day National Cherry Festival. The Festival included 4th of July weekend so it’s the place to be in Michigan, and […]



Traverse City Central High is doing Footloose at the end of the month and I stopped by a rehearsal for some photos.


Fun with a Nasty Truck

I shot some cast photos for the Central High School Musical. The director Tami, arranged for this old, scary truck as a prop. Here’s my two favorites.


Bad News for Network Television

I have bad news for network television. I’ve suspected for a while now that network television is over. In the last few weeks, for me, it’s been confirmed. There are two things that have convinced […]


The Gibby’s Dilemma

One man wrestles with the age-old decision: elephant ear or funnel cake.


Why a Blog?

This is the first piece I posted to my blog long before it was integrated into my website. When the blog stood alone it was called The Blue Sky Mine. Why a Blog? I guess […]