Why a Blog?

Thomas Kachadurian Original Blog page openerThis is the first piece I posted to my blog long before it was integrated into my website. When the blog stood alone it was called The Blue Sky Mine.

Why a Blog? I guess the short answer is, why not? I’ve got so many photographic things going on that it seems like I should be writing about them. A bit over two years ago I started posting an image of the week. That’s been fun, but often I really want to add a story with the posting. Now I can.

The next question was what to call my blog. For years I have told my students at NMC that I belong to The Church of the Holy Tripod. It seemed like a witty title. But then it occurred to me that prospective wedding clients might not know I was speaking of my pedantic lecturing on tripod usage and take it as sacrilegious. Then I thought about calling it “Available Light” for it’s classic photographic meaning (I do hate using flash). I like the idea of light as knowledge. The problem is there’s like a thousand “Available Light” blogs.

I was stumped.

Way back when I was first doing my Sleeping Bear book I thought it would be cool to have a gallery called “The Blue Sky Mine” because I love the Midnight Oil song and it’s a clever play on the blue skies of Northern Michigan. I still like it. A mine is a place where you dig for things of value, and nothing says clarity like a blue sky. I also like the sort-of-metaphysical meaning: everyone can say, “The blue sky is mine.” So there it is. This is The Blue Sky Mine.

So what will I write about? Photography to be certain, with plenty about wedding photography specifically. I imagine I’ll be inspired to write about weddings in general now and again (when I tire of photography I’m going to become a wedding coordinator). I’m going to fight the urge to talk about cameras, lenses, software and other nerd stuff. I’m sure I’ll lose that battle once in while. I’ll talk about food: cooking it, eating it and photographing it. I might talk about boats, fishing and in February, how much I hate winter. The sky’s the limit, and not just blue skies
Pyramid Point view to Good Harbor Bay by photographer Thomas Kachadurian

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