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Three Days at the Shore

I spent a month at Ocean City in just four days as a guest of my friends the Amalfitanos. They wanted to be sure we packed all the shore fun possible into our limited time. […]



Traverse City Central High is doing Footloose at the end of the month and I stopped by a rehearsal for some photos.


Fun with a Nasty Truck

I shot some cast photos for the Central High School Musical. The director Tami, arranged for this old, scary truck as a prop. Here’s my two favorites.



A few images of my friend Greta.


A Lunch Break at Glen Haven

A few weeks ago I had a crazy day. I started at the break of dawn with back-to-back Senior pictures in Traverse City. At 1:00 I had a class in Glen Arbor and then I […]


Photography 101 — Aperture

In photography the word aperture refers to the opening of the lens iris. It seems like a simple concept, and on older interchangeable lens cameras it’s pretty easy to see the lens iris (or diaphragm) […]


Photography 101 – ISO

Let’s review. Last week I pointed out that for any given photograph there is a range of possible combinations that will all give you the correct exposure. The light falling on scene is fixed so […]


Maggie and Moses

It’s been a busy two months and I haven’t had time to write. I still don’t, but I have to post some photos from my shoot yesterday with Maggie and Moses. I have had the […]


The Camera Salesman said . . .

Every photography class I teach comes with unlimited, lifetime technical support. You might think I get questions about depth of field or how to use flash, but most of the questions are based on correcting […]


Why a Blog?

This is the first piece I posted to my blog long before it was integrated into my website. When the blog stood alone it was called The Blue Sky Mine. Why a Blog? I guess […]